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Thread: [Guide] How To Get Motivated!

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    Default [Guide] How To Get Motivated!

    Ok so lately I have noticed an increase of people saying they need some motivation (which happens to us all at some point). Every time the loving community that we are all a part of have supported one and other, time and time again. And so I have decided to put together a little bit of an motivational guide from the information you have all posted.

    By doing this we have a one-stop place for all of the communities motivational tips in one place. And we can add to it as time goes by.

    I take no credit for this (except for the one point I made). All credit goes to YOU the community!

    ================================================== =======

    Tips from the Community:

    1) Music:

    First off is the video from IronCore which has cropped up almost every time on the topics. Here is the video for you to enjoy:

    That video is very informative and has alot of helpful tips for you. One of these tips is to listen to music without lyrics (such as a games OST). This is the point I will expand on as I found that the games that got me into wanting to be a part of the industry were the best to listen to. (But thats just me, it's different for everyone)

    You can find OST's on the internet and even buy them from places such as these:
    IndigoWhite recommends

    2) Books/Magazines:

    Yep that's right books and magazines are not only a very good source of information, but they can also be a source of inspiration and motivation. Some good books recommended by the community are;

    Game Design:

    Artist and Animation:


    The reason books and magazines are so good for motivation is that they contain what could potentially be new techniques for you to try out in your artwork, or show new ways to program and even talk about what people would like to see in games which means you can broaden your knowledge and skills. And because of this they can give you that boost in your motivational levels (as you can add what you have learned from the books/magazines and put it into your work).

    3) Games:

    Yep, seems like a no brainer for some. It is much like the reason I stated above about listening to the OST to games that inspired you to study and become part of the industry. If you feel like you are lacking motivation, pop on your most favorite game and remind yourself why you want to get into the industry.

    4) Talk to Other Students:

    Talking to other students is always a big help, especially since this course is a learn from home one. Use these forums to make friends in your course and other courses, you can always ask other students if they have some Instant Messaging service such as Skype as some of you may prefer to talk to each other directly through voice or text without filling up your online inbox.

    Also if you can, occasionally we all get together on a game for an evening, if you see the topic on the forums don't be shy just pop your name down and have a laugh.

    You can get Skype here:

    5) Get Rid of All Distractions:

    I have taken this straight from a topic which will be included in the sources section below:

    "Turn off all distractions. Music is okey whilst you work on a project or something but definitely no TV, no radio, and amazingly, Turn off stuff like your phone's email notifications, anything popping up on screen like a new Facebook request etc. Isolate yourself as best you can. Turn off the internet until you need it sorta thinking. Most of the time during studying, you don't need anything other than your books and a notepad. If the course inspires you to go look something up on the net, jot it down for later. Don't interupt that valuable plugged in state and risk getting side tracked on the net (happens every time for me - here I am on the forum again instead of studying lol)."

    This pretty much sums up a very important point. Quote from GibbsUK.

    6) Rewards:

    Yet another excellent quote found in the forums. Quote from FiredWings

    "I find that this is the most important rule. Make at least 1 day purely for yourself. Pack it full of things you enjoy, things you want to do. I tend to go to the movies and then treat myself to a trip to the hair dressers or go to the arcades with friends. Whats the point of working so hard if you have no time off to be pleased with your work?"

    7) Get Involved in Something:

    Right this is probably something that gets said often. If you do find yourself lacking motivation, get your head into a project, either something you have designed or something that someone else has designed and would like to be made. During the process of making a game you start to realize what you have learnt has stuck and that your not wasting your time. Whilst the game is in development constantly give your team mates praise (if of course the do a good job which they all should!).

    Another thing to look out for is the Gamejam (which I believe is an annual event aka 1 per year from Train2Game at least). I attended this around about the time I had started to lack motivation (thanks to everyone on the forums and those who turned up) as it re-motivated me as you get to meet the people from the forums and make new friends and of course come together in a friendly environment for some nice healthy competition.

    Which brings me to my final point, meet people if you can. A lot of the time people are posting up events such as "X Area Meetup" which involves students from and around X area to turn up for a day or weekend at an agreed location and basically talk and have a fun day with fellow students. (And don't think that if your not from that area or around that area that you can't go, as if you can get there, then go!)

    And of course there are events which the majority of students will take part in such as the upcoming Eurogamer event for example where many of us will be turning up to not only enjoy the wonders of the Expo but also to meet fellow students.

    8) Family, Friends and Yourself!

    Thats right, not only can your T2G friends help you, your friends (be it from school etc) can too. Your friends are always there to help you, listen to you and offer help where needed (and you should do the same for them!). Same goes for your family, they will all be able to offer you support and that little bit of motivation you need to push on with your course.

    Now the one part I haven't mentioned yet is Yourself. Yeah thats right YOU are in control of your motivation and there are ways to stop and see if you truly want to do what you are doing. I suggest finding somewhere to go thats quiet/calm/peaceful (I quite like being near the sea...yes...I am wierd like that) as it allows you to clear your head and like HOPEnSPIRIT said "Ask yourself why you started a Train2Game course in the first place?". If you don't want to sit alone then ask a friend or family member to sit down with you and listen to you, although don't rely on them to make an answer for you.

    9) Workspace Inspiration:

    Now if your lacking motivation (which you might be since you are reading this guide) a neat little trick is to find something that inspires you (in my case, it's my copy of Grandia 1 for PS1, some game related items and strangely enough my T2G Gamejam Toothbrush) and place it somewhere either on or near your workspace. This way if you feel like you are losing motivation from working you can stop what you are doing and look at these personal, inspirational items and remember why you wanted to get into the industry.

    Otherwise as Pab64 pointed out "Also, from my experience, there's nothing like a clean, open workspace to help motive oneself. Having to push things aside to fit notes and books onto your desk and not being able to move your chair because there's stuff piled up around you can be really claustrophobia inducing, even if there's just clutter about the room. It's all about clear surfaces and ease of access!"

    Ironcore1's video (placed in item 1) has some other very good suggestions.

    End of page
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    Excellent post, is deffinately going to be used by a lot of students! Well done, nice idea.
    @smoothoj #otjones
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    A very good post indeed. I'll bookmark it just in case

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    Boom head shot!
    That is Brilliant, really great work here Thunderball.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattB View Post
    EXCELLENT post there Thunderball.

    I can see this being very helpful. You just earned yourself a sticky.

    Keep this thread up to date and try and find that programmer reading list
    Thank you everyone

    I will keep it updated as often as possible. I am traversing through my bookmarks and history to find the book list for the developers book list as we speak.

    Keep up the community support

    Feel free to send me a friend request just make sure to message me you're from Train2Game!
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    Gotta add OCRemix to the music list.

    I'll add this to the Master FAQ soon.

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    Simple Motivation: Ask yourself why you started a Train2Game course in the first place?

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    Good post TB

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    Update: I have added a new section and added a few quotes.
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    Nice post thunderball. makes for some good reading man keep it up

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