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Thread: [Guide] How To Get Motivated!

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    wow cant beleive ive just found this topic. ive been lacking motivation to do course work for ages. i still want to do it i just find it hard to focus. my last TMA was 75% due to my motivation problem.

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    Thank you Thunderball for this incredible thread! I'll be bookmarking this for future reference when I find my motivation lacking! :P I've immediately taken two items on board already; 1) I need to listen to more game OSTs, and 2) I need to tidy my room up so that I can use it as a proper working space! :P

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    really like this post, some good advice (Y)

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    Great thread here, Thunderball!

    I'll certainly take these tips on board as I look to progress through the course!

    Thanks to you too, Ironcore, for the video!

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    Yep. Good notes.

    I'm a Huge ASSASSIN'S CREED Fan, so I bought the AC2 and AC3 Albums from iTunes (Hmm, Yh..I guess I might've been able to get them cheaper from other sites, but 'oh we'll )

    , I changed my PC and iPad Wallpapers to Iconic ASSASSIN PICS with Motivational Words like "RISE", and "United By Creed"

    I found that this kind of got me through the Bulk of Reading through the Course Book pages, and passing

    Also, I would Suggest a KEY NOTE about using Music with Study:

    You can REMEMBER&RECALL "Specific Course Notes, Chapters and Milestones" by

    ie. Setting a Single Music score to REPEAT on a Single Chapter, then Reading and Absorbing it, can help
    LATER ON...

    So, when you think back to That-Chapter, You Just Need to Recall the BG Music-and You'll Remember

    Handy, eh?

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    You shouldnt work on your bed. There is a definite psychological reason for this. If you're like me, i do everything on my bed; Tv, films, Xbox, sleep ( I dont do much else =] ). What happens here is that you are mentally associating this place as a place of rest and relaxation and entertainment. Whenever you enter that zone your mind switches into doing one of these things, and turns off everything else. You exit the work mode, and dont want to do anything but what you usually do in that spot.
    If you have a desk, or a table, or somewhere more comfortable. Work there, do nothing there but work. And then, when you sit down, your mind is prepared for what is about to happen.
    (A friend of mind used to suffer from insomnia, and their psychiatrist explained all of this to them, they were told not to take their laptop to the bed because then it would be more harder to associate the bed as a place of sleep, rather than a place to lol around on their laptop)

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