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Thread: Tutorial Requests

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    Lol, yeh I was thinking to do just that...

    thanks for watching.

    New part uploaded: part 7:

    Ive listed all the tutorial files at the top.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertRamsay View Post
    Jeebus man xD, i gtg to bed now so cant watch em til the morning gotta be up in the morning to see to my two lil midgets 5am starts for the loss

    but awesome stuff from what ive seen so far keep up the good work man
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    Thanks Nexus, yeh its been a long day of tutorials... I think i'm preparing myself for the coursework though. I think I got a bit ditzy on part 9 looking for 3d painting software and finally found it.

    This will get you a diffuse map at least, and I can show you methods of getting bump maps etc by using this free software. :
    Keys: A+Z zoom in in out X+C rotation, keypad 2,4,6,8 pan model. Reccomended you use the airbrush stroke for best results. This is very simple software as tends to crash at times so make sure you save your work. In fact, only use it for simple colouring, I wouldnt reccomend this software to be used other than to get a base colour into your mesh. All the detailing should be done in photoshop or gimp.

    Im uploading 2 more parts which are more about zbrush. Zbrush has a hell of a learning curve to learn it, but I only use it for simple things like painting my models, so makes life a bit easier.

    Yep, have a good rest.
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    New part introducing zbrush, if you dont have zbrush you can use something sililar like mudbox or any other.

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    Yes, this is true, Zbrush Classroom is really good for learning it and there is a 30day free trial you can download from pixologic.

    New part (zbrush part2):

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    Robert.... I haven't watched all of your videos yet but I would just like to say on behalf of myself and I am sure an alful lot of the other students... you are an angel and thank you for doing these videos! You have made it clear and understandable an alful lot of what has been very difficult for alot of us to understand with UV mapping and 3Ds Max and these videos have been long needed Thank you and well done.... When, which I hope we do, some day meet I owe you huge hugs


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    Just watched the first few videos and they're easy to follow, awesome stuff.

    I'll add the first one to the community channel playlist.

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