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    ok I just want to know, what exactly should be inside a GDD?
    because from the T2G book it tells us the weapon, attacks, characters, enemies, items, inventory, etc should be documented in the GDD.

    However seeing other people's and companies GDD, they have the high concept as well as the pitch documented with the T2G:/
    is this right? I mean why should the Pitch and high concept be merged alongside with the GDD?

    Game Design Document should just contain all aspect of the game design, should it really contain story ark? pitch document? high concept? summary? art works? level designs?

    I do believe GDD can contain Technical design document as well.
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    The GDD should have all elements that will be in the game but not exactly specific to more general items. Like you would have the story arc, but you would not 100% detail every little element about the story or cut scenes etc, they would be in the story bible. Same goes for art works, you would not hold all the art for the game but you would have maybe the main concepts that have been expected, all descriptions for all art, a list of assets needed for the full game. The actual art work would be in an art bible? (the question marks there because I am not 100% on this its a best guess thing there lol)

    I put a concept sections at the start that holds all basic descriptions for all aspects of the game, key features, USPs, design goals, target market, competition etc etc so that would be like a HCD but maybe a little more detailed. I wouldn't put a pitch document in there but would share a lot of elements of the pitch document. The point of the two documents have different objectives, the pitch is to sell the idea in a commercial and marketed way. The GDD is what you want out of the development team and how you want it done.

    You will find loads of GDDs and they will be all different, there is no right or wrong way really just as long as it flows naturally and it all makes sense. Also remember that not all members will read all of the document so it would make sense if certain aspects are grouped together, like art on one section, so the art team can easily find what they look for etc.

    Hope I helped a little and made sense
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