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Thread: Guess that's me then...

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    Default Guess that's me then...

    Hey guys! Looks like I'm fairly new here. I enrolled on the Designer course rather recently, and have just submitted myTMA for lesson 2, and it's so far so good really! Now comes the excruciating wait for my results so I can move on, that's on top of my AS level examination results this week... ( ;^ _ ^ ).
    Looks like I've got my work cut out for me over the next year or so, seeing as though I'm gunna do this course alongside fuul time college... 4 A levels + OCN + T2G anyonee?? :P
    Anyways, hopefully I'll get on here with you all, I'll certainly be around

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    Jeez, ure either brave or have no idea what ure in for.

    Ure gonna be a busy student.

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    It appears so... [Braces self]

    I'm doing an A level in Further Maths [eqv to 2]
    A level in Chemistry
    A level in Computing
    OCN in Japanese
    Games Designer course
    All next year ( ;^ _^ )

    Oh the joy!!

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    I did A levels in maths...not very well but still did lol.

    Good luck with the next 12 months then.

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    Heh heh... Thanks :P

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    lol I did A levels in maths and computing, big fats U's all around for me!

    Actually for everyone because half the teachers at our college where never there lol

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