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Thread: The Designer FAQ

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    Hi Dan. My name's Ben (or Logan as some people call me). I've just started the desginer course and I'm having a little problem with the Game Maker software. I've already done "Catch the Clown, and ready to make the next game. A whole bunch of sprites are missing for me to make the other games. Are the sprites hidden somewhere or have I been sent a faulty DVD?
    Try exploring the DVD and having a look through the folders.
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    Okay, Calibur, I'll try that. Thanks

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    I must say this thread is very helpful to me and to other on the course so thank you for starting it.
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    a great site for checking out High Concept Designs
    Visit my blog site : Angler Fish Games
    Try out the first version of pixel fixor : link
    Then check out the update video that is coming soon to this game : link

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