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Thread: 'Most' FPS games will be played with motion control in a few years: Killzone dev

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    Default 'Most' FPS games will be played with motion control in a few years: Killzone dev

    Plenty of Train2Game students now own motion controllers, and according one Killzone 3 Game Developer, they’ll become the most common way for controlling First Person Shooters.

    Tommy de Roos is the principal programmer at Guerrilla Games and headed the development of PlayStation Move compatibility with Killzone 3 and you can read his comments on the Train2Game blog.

    What are your thoughts on the potential of motion controllers to play First Person Shooters? Do you think it’ll work, or is it a gimmick? Will you try it out when Killzone 3 is released later this month?

    As usual, you can leave your thoughts on the Train2Game blog, here on the Train2Game forum, or even on the Train2Game Twitter.

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    As long as they never remove support for regular controllers or make certain features motion only then I cant see it as an issue giving consumers the choice.
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    What he said ^^

    Even though using a steering wheel for driving games may offer the best experience, many players (me included) still use the trusty old controller.

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    I thought the general feedback for move on killzone 3 was it was a nice gimmick for half an hour, then people just wanted to plug in a controller. Seeing as dual stick controllers (the xbox one specifically designed with shooters in mind) and keyboard/mouse already more than adequately fitting the FPS genre, this is the wrong avanue to be applying motion controls. It is what caused criticism in early wii third party titles. The wii has only had a few shooters, metroid prime 3 the only well recieved one, and even then, it seems to be less well regarded than the first 2 gc titles.
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    I addressed this on my Vlog at .. Anyway, yeah i was in the KZ3 Demo at EG last year and the guy using the move to control it.. It didn't exactly look anywhere near fun. It needs quite a bit of work before i see it hitting the mainstream market.

    It is nevertheless a good idea to be able to feel like you are really into the experience but at what point do we draw the line? Or can we expect to see moving platforms and headsets with screens so you can run around in WoW or do dives in BlOps. The PSMove is a brilliant device, i cannot stress that enough, but like the Wii it's best use is for party games and adventure games, FPS games just wont feel right with a tiny controller and a Orb. If they could wire it into a gun replica and it worked like that, that would be pretty cool.


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    *cough* duckhunt *cough cough*

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    Duckhunt for the move, Replica shotgun. Fun. SHOOT THE DAMN DOG.

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    I for one absolutly love the Rail Shooters down the arcades, if i get to pop into one which is very rare these days Rail shooters will be the first to eat my money & at a quid a go they sure can eat through your wallet, dual player rail shooters just intensifies what i was saying, pure brilliance,

    I know somewhere on the web is how the killzone dev was also talking about remaking Killzone 2 as a rail shooter, i don't know how shaky the move controllers are, or the exact precision of kinect, but it's definatly a hands on preriphial system needed as sometimes you just wanna relax a little point the gun somewhere else, off screen to reload that sort of thing & you may not want to be held back by two lumping sticks in your hand.

    I say on rails & periphial gun accessories.

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    Motion sensor devices are amazingly good for things like rail shooters, or games that don't need much movement at all, you could use RTS, god games, CMS. First person shooters however ustilise a complete control pad and all it's benifits. In my opinion there is no way that an FPS would be better using motion sensor devices rather than controllers.
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    I can't understand how an xbox kinect could possibly be used for an FPS without a lightgun. It's not going to be sensitive enough to detect a trigger finger moving. I think people also forget that they are going to have to be fit to play as well. Your going to get knackered jogging on the spot for an hour. It's going to be noisy, less precise and tiring. I also doubt that (from playing running games where you can jog on the spot to go forward) they would be able to distinguish between forwards and backwards without actually moving towards or away from the sensor.

    I think Red Dwarf covered this when they all put VR helmets on and then realise after removing them that they had been running into walls in real life while playing.

    Unless you were in a giant hamster ball, with a lightgun, and did aerobic exercise at least 3-4 times a week. I can't see it working. And if that's what you really want from a game, then you should try airsoft or paintballing in real life instead.

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