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Thread: [Competition] Train2Game Christmas Competition 2010 - The Result

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    Default [Competition] Train2Game Christmas Competition 2010 - The Result

    The result is in! After a very closely fought Christmas competition we finally have the winner, and it was very very close. By a winning margin of just half a point, the victors are . <drum roll> Horizon Studios!
    Congratulations to Marty and the rest of the gang at Horizon studios. Everyone involved with the judging was impressed with the amount of work covered by the team in just 10 days and the game they developed was fun and was close to the competition brief.

    Who did they pip by just half a point? Rampage Designs! Well done to Aaron and his crew, it was very tight between them and Horizon Studios.

    Firstly I just want to thank everyone who took part for their efforts. Mete, Rory and I enjoyed playing the games and overall the standard was very high. We're looking forward to working on the game now and bringing it to life on the iPad. Everyone that submitted a game should be proud of their efforts, there were some good game ideas. I hope the teams to can continue to develop the games they have started and take them forward.

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    Grats Horizon Studios, good job. I guess i need more man power eh?

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    Yay us!
    Can't believe we won
    (neither can the rest of the team from the text messages I got)
    So what happens now, With Postal Panic?
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    is it possible to know other places of games? if you guys placed them in places? would be interesting to find out....
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    Congrats to the winners and to everyone Keep up the good work

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    Cheers everyone and well done to the other teams. I can't believe that out all of the entries, especially the ones that I played, that we won

    EDIT: Does that mean I have to comment the scripts that I didn't have time to during the 10 days of building??? (I don't mind really)

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    Well done guys nice job ^_^
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    Congratulations to the winning team, and a big well done to the runners up.

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