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Thread: Escape Studios begins its second annual "CG Whiz" competition

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    Default Escape Studios begins its second annual "CG Whiz" competition

    Figured this might interest some of you or at the very least you may know someone who this is perfect for

    Taken from Develop

    Second annual ‘CG Whiz’ contest calls for entrants

    One of the most respected computer graphics academies has begun its search for promising talent in visual effects and computer graphics.

    UK and US-based Escape Studios has opened its second annual ‘CG Whiz’ competition to students, graduates and hobbyists from all over the world.

    The ultimate winner will be granted high-level training at Escape, itself worth over $24,000 in tuition fees, as well as advice and support in joining the CG industry.

    The 12-week visual effects classroom course for winners can take place either at Escape Studios in London or Los Angeles, and will be followed by a four-week placement at Oscar-winning visual effects company The Mill.

    Runners up will receive a selection of mentored and online courses, as well as relevant magazine subscriptions.

    Those wishing to apply need to upload a show reel or video of their work to one of Escape Studios' social media channels. More on that here. The contest is only open to those who have yet to work professionally in a CG role.

    "We're very excited about this year's competition that will find some of the industry's brightest talent and give aspiring artists the chance to break into the VFX industry," said Dominic Davenport, founder of Escape Studios.

    "Last year, the quality of entries we received was a testament to the hidden talent that exists in CG. We see it as our job to help anyone with a creative streak and a passion for computer graphics develop their skills and get them started on successful CG careers.”
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