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Thread: Map of students!

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    I'm up on there and was surprised to see a few near me.

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    Nice to see people are actually near me In England in the Wakefield area XD

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    Default Changing my entry on map

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerrard4000 View Post
    After seeing some threads about creating a map with the students' locations marked on it, I thought this was a good idea.

    I will manage this one myself so that no idiots can delete it or anything like that

    So yeah...

    This should work, if it doesn't I am sorry

    Red - Developers
    Blue - Designers
    Green - Artists/Animators
    Yellow - QA

    How do I change my entry on the map and the marker place?

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    Not sure if this is still being used but just added myself.
    A protaganist with amnesia? I love it!

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    I've added green marker on a map

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    Game Designer Course part 1

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    just spotted this, cool idea i didnt think that there were so many on T2G around my area.
    PSN mengov

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