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Thread: TIGA to offer more help with self-publishing for indie studios

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    Default TIGA to offer more help with self-publishing for indie studios

    TIGA will shortly be launching new services to help self publishing developers. This will include:

    * More dedicated events, seminars and mentoring sessions on self publishing from industry experts
    * A new Corporate Membersí only area on the TIGA website dedicated to self publishing. Corporate members will be able to access information on all aspects of self publishing including case studies and advice from other members as well as practical information on areas such as trademarks, age ratings (PEGI), marketing, sales, community management and more
    * The formation of a Self Publishing group where senior people in the industry meet quarterly to and share information and key learnings

    Do you think this will help you publish your games?

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    Thanks for the information DannyP

    Yes I believe this information is a good idea for prospective passing students, not only providing an other 'service' to the comprehensive T2G route to gain employment into the industry , it also offers information on regulations and requirements for new games people to use as a benchmark when pitching their workload and for potetial indies an understanding that there is solid information from the industry to work with and or work to.

    I understand that a majority of students are studying to gain employment within the entertainment industry, but I'm sure there are some who would welcome this information who want to create their own indie entertainment studio.

    (MattB just bring some topics to the fore).

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