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    Default Guess my number game

    Please help me know what I am doing wrong in this simple Guess my number game code. First of all, I wrote the code using an if and a couple of else statement and it worked properly. But I then swaped it to use switch/case statement and it will not see out the results. Instead, it will only print out the first two lines of code but not the result of the test

    # include "stdafx.h"
    # include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main(void)
    	cout << "Guess my number game" "\n";
    	cout << "Guessed Number:" "\n";
    	int MyNumber = 53;
    	int GuessedNumber = 62;
    	switch (MyNumber) 
    		case 1:
    		if (GuessedNumber < MyNumber)
    			cout<<"Wrong Number. Go higher" "\n";
    		case 2:
    		if (GuessedNumber == MyNumber)
    			cout << "Congratulations. You have won" "\n";
    		case 3:
    		 if (GuessedNumber > MyNumber)
    			cout << "Wrong Number. Go lower" "\n";
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    in the swictch /case statement your using MyNumber and MyNumber equals 53. so in your case 1 statement it's asking 'if MyNumber equals 1 then do this (first if statement), if MyNumber equals 2 then do this (second if statement). so as MyNumber is 53 it never passes any of the case statements.

    you don't need the switch case statement, just let the if statements run through (without the 'break's).

    EDIT: if you really want to use the switch case to 'test out using one' then get the if statements to set a variable to 1, 2 or 3 and use the switch statement on the new variable to decide what gets outputed to the screen......just a suggestion.
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    The switch statement will never run.

    When you use a switch statement, you are comparing your "switching" variable to your "cases". You are declaring your switch variable to be "MyNumber". So the program will only enter case 1 if "MyNumber" = 1. Case 2 will only execute if "MyNumber"=2 and so on. Since you have stated your "MyNumber" is 53, you would expect the program to execute case 53. but that line doesn't exist, so it will never do anything.

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    Thank you guys for your quick replies. So basically in this instance, it is not ideal to use switch/ case statement and I should just stick with the if and couple of else statements that worked fine. Thanks my people

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