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Thread: Haven't Received any proof of contract

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    Im Just writing because i have a friend who signed up for the course before Christmas but still hasn't received a copy of there contract. Because of this he hasn't been able to get in contact with the billing company to cancel the course and has ended up in a lot of debt i was just wondering what they should do because its causing them more problems and sleepless nights .

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    While not receiving a copy of the contract is wrong, did your friend even try contacting T2G about this at all? If so, what did they say? What are they saying now? Have they asked for legal help yet? Why are they not the ones making this post (especially 6 months late)?

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    How can you be in debt when you havn't recieved a contract? Did your friend sign anything? I also don't understand why you have made this thread and not your friend who you say is in financial difficulty?

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