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Thread: 3ds Max Shortcut Keys

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    Arrow 3ds Max Shortcut Keys

    Heres a list of shortcut keys that i typed up and has taken around 30 minutes to do...bleh. But i felt it was needed just incase max users wanted a reference for these.

    General User Interface

    New scene: CTRL+N
    Help: F1
    Shade Selected Faces (Toggle on/off): F2
    Wireframe/Smooth & Highlights (toggle view): F3
    View Edged Faces(toggle on/off): F4
    Selection Lock(toggle on/off): Space
    Select(and cycle through Selection Region types): Q
    Add to Selection: CTRL+LMB
    Remove from Selection: ALT+LMB
    Move: W
    Rotate: E
    Scale(and cycle through scale types): R or CTRL+E
    Top View: T
    Bottom View: B
    Left View: L
    Front View: F
    Isometric User View: U
    Perspective User View: P
    Camera View: C
    Spot/Directional Light View: Shift+4
    color=orange]Hide Grids(toggle on/off): G
    Snaps(toggle on/off): S
    Angle Snap(toggle on/off): A
    Percent Snap(toggle on/off): CTRL+SHIFT+P
    Create Camera From (Perspective) View: CTRL+C
    Restrict Movement Along Specific Axis: F5-F7
    Restrict Plane Cycle: F8
    Render Last: F9
    Quick Render: SHIFT+Q
    Render Scene Dialogue(toggle on/off): F10
    Render To Texture Dialogue(toggle on/off): 0(Zero)
    Material Editor(toggle on/off): M
    Particle View(toggle on/off): 6
    Environmental and Effects Dialogue(toggle on/off): 8
    Open Advanced Lighting Panel: 9
    Open MAXScript Listener: F11
    Open Last Used Explorer: ALT+CTRL+Q
    Isolate Selection: ALT+Q
    Maximise Viewport(toggle on/off): ALT+W
    Place Highlight: CTRL+H
    Select By Name/Select From Scene: H
    Select All: CTRL+A
    Select None: CTRL+D
    Select Invert: CTRL+I
    Select Ancestor: Page Up
    Select Child: Page Down
    Clone: CTRL+V
    Adaptive Degradation(toggle on/off): O(Letter)
    Expert Mode(toggle on/off): CTRL+X
    Zoom Mode: ALT+Z
    Zoom Extents(single Viewport): CTRL+ALT+Z
    Zoom Extents(all Viewports): CTRL+SHIFT+Z
    Zoom Selected(all Viewports): Z
    Pan: Middle Mouse Button
    Pan Viewport: I
    Zoom: Dial MMB(scrolling mouse) or CTRL+ALT+MMB
    Zoom Viewport In: [
    Zoom Viewport Out: ]
    Arc Rotate View Mode: ALT+MMB or CTRL+R
    Undo Scene Operation: CTRL+Z
    Redo Scene Operation: CTL+Y
    Show Safeframes(toggle on/off): SHIFT+F
    Show Statistics(toggle on/off): 7
    Auto Key Mode(toggle on/off): N
    Hide Cameras(toggle on/off): SHIFT+C
    Hide Geometry(toggle on/off): SHIFT+G
    Hide Helpers(toggle on/off): SHIFT+H
    Hide Lights(toggle on/off): SHIFT+L
    Hide Particle Systems(toggle on/off): SHIFT+P
    Hide Shapes(toggle on/off): SHIFT+S
    Hide Space Warps(toggle on/off): SHIFT+W
    Hold: ALT+CTRL+H
    Display As See-Through(toggle on/off): ALT+X
    Play Animation: /
    Sub-Object Level 1-5: 1/2/3/4/5
    Sub-Object Level Cycle: Insert
    Show Main Toolbar(toggle on/off): ALT+6

    Editable Poly

    Vertex Level: 1
    Edge Level: 2
    Boarder Level: 3
    Poly Level: 4
    Element Level: 5
    Cycle Levels: Insert
    Extrude Mode: Shift+E
    Bevel Mode: CTRL+SHIFT+B
    Chamfer Mode: CTRL+SHIFT+C
    Connect: CTRL+SHIFT+E
    Edge Constraint(toggle on/off): SHIFT+X
    Target Weld: CTRL+SHIFT+W
    Cut: ALT+C
    Quickslice: CTRL+SHIFT+Q
    Grow Selection: CTRL+Page Up
    Shrink Selection: CTRL+Page Down
    Hide: CTRL+H
    Hide Unselected: CTRL+I
    Unhide All: ALT+U

    Particle Flow

    Copy Selected In Particle View: CTRL+C
    Paste Selected In Particle View: CTRL+V
    Particle Emission(toggle on/off): ;
    Selected Particle Emission(toggle on/off): SHIFT+;

    Quad Menus

    Animation: ALT+RMB
    Lighting/Render: CTRL+ALT+RMB
    Modelling: CTL+RMB
    Reactor: ALT+SHIFT+RMB
    Snap: SHIFT+RMB
    Viewports: V
    (Customisable Keys): CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+RMB or CTRL+SHIFT+RMB

    Material Editor

    Background: B
    Backlight: L
    Cycle 3x2,5x3,6x4 Sample Slots: X
    Get Material: G
    Go Backward to Sibling: Left Arrow
    Go Forward to Sibling: Right Arrow
    Go tp Parent: Up Arrow
    Make Preview: P
    Options: O(letter)

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    ah i have card you can print out which aint been transfered over to this forum yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rico3k View Post
    ah i have card you can print out which aint been transfered over to this forum yet

    Lol thats the same one I got from an Autodesk event in Manchester about a year ago or so!!

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    I used to work on 3Ds Max back in 2004 when i was doing a wannabe 3D animation course in Greece. I havent looked into it since though and I was looking to get back into it to maintain a bit of connection with my Artworking roots.

    Cheers for the shortcut table its gonna help me loads

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    thanks very much my friend i'm sure i will find these useful
    however i just started using 3ds max this week and when i first used it the rotation tool had handles to rotate the object on stage then all of a sudden the handles disappeared have a turned this off by mistake can you help
    any help would be appreciated thanks chris

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    and X in the viewport to toggle the transform gizmo, should help you out there scotiadesigner

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    I change all mine to personal ones and to to only use certain ones, but nice one dude

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    Are these bindings still up to date? If so I'll stick it.
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    Thanks for those! Although I'm not sure I will be able to remember them all..

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