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    Default Project 2 help

    I'm on the project where I have to choose a game to look for bugs in. It says to consider choosing a game in open beta. I'm just not sure where to find games in open beta. I've never signed up for a beta in my life. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    Also, do I have to choose a game that's in open beta? Obviously that would make it easier to find bugs in than a game that's already been released, but in theory if I had a game in my collection that had loads of bugs in then would I be allowed to choose that?

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    Open beta tends to be only for online multiplayer games and they can be really hard to get into. Also they don't come along all that often so it's very hit and miss (last one I actually managed to get into was Aion nearly a year ago and that's only because it was garaunteed with a pre order). If you can I'd go for a released game known to be very buggy like Big Rigs, Stalker, Vampire Masquarade: Bloodlines or Hellgate London to name a few.

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    If you have an Xbox 360 and are interested in Splinter Cell: Conviction then that comes free with a Ghost Recon beta, it's a Ubi Soft game so there's bound to be plenty of bugs. Unfortunately a lot of console beta's only come with a game, such as Halo Reach which can be played in a couple of months if you have Halo 3: ODST.

    I'm doing mine on Blur, which were given away on the official site, though I don't think there'd be any left now.

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    I know that there was a bug on one of the intros to a beta race game where at the start of the race the track the cars are sitting on completely vanishes, but this is an interesting concept.

    But what about other complete/published games, from oldies to new ones?

    I seem to recall levels on one game where you could get inside terrain elements and effectively shoot through walls at passers by without them knowing who or where the shots came from, and another game on the original XBox where textures would repeatedly vanish off screen so you were running round a fully untextured level for a few seconds. There was also an indie game released recently which almost had all the finess and graphics of a AAA title had it not been for numerous bugs here and there in both ai and in collision detection.

    I'm fairly certain there are plenty of games out there that have numerous bugs that managed to slip through, however, is this something you've got to play yourself or something you can research via the power of the tintynet as I'm sure there are bound to be sites around (similar to movie blooper sites) that would list bugs in games. I know I've seen numerous videos posted on YouTube too.

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    When I completed Portfolio Project 2 I had trouble finding a game with enough bugs in it at first.

    The advice I can give you is to look on gaming forums and see what people are grumbling about or any bugs that players can take advantage of easily. As Marty said, Youtube is your friend in this one. Get the right game and you'll find many videos that prove the bugs exist. The only thing you have to do after seeing the bug is report on it.

    I went and bought the game I researched, played it all the way through and noted down areas to exploit or that had buggy moments (the Mrs became an Xbox widow for a few weeks). Then went through the game again armed with a camera and captured clips of me reproducing the bug. All I had to do then was fill out the bug report forms and upload the videos to Youtube with the corresponding report name. I wont tell you what game I went for in the end, that would take all the fun out of it for you.

    It doesn't say anywhere that you have to use a beta game but you will find ratio-wise more bugs at this stage than in a Gold copy.

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    I recommend joining playfire its the most active gaming site on the whole web you will most likely find someone grumbling about a game's bugs there.

    id recommend you play leisure suit larry box office bust there so many bugs in that you will be there for ages naming them all.

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    Thanks everyone. I'm still not sure which game I'm going to choose, but I can see plenty of options open to me now. Just one more quick question. For this project you have to provide screenshots. If I choose a console game how would I do this? Can I just take a picture of it with a camera or would I need to get something to be able to take screenshots of games on consoles?

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    i asked my tutors and they suggested going on this website:
    Unity3D curious

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    Thanks MattB. I've actually got a console game in mind I think I'm going to do. Does Sonic 06 sound like a good choice? I just watched a video of tons of glitches in the game on youtube so it shouldn't be too hard to find 10 glitches in that game if that video was any indication. It's a game I've wanted to try out for a long time anyway but never got round to getting it, so if I can do it for this project then that's great.

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