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Thread: Technical Design Document

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    This is something i really need to get done,need to pull the finger out .Project 1 is fine even though i'm still at the research stage just a matter of putting it all down,Project 2 is a different ball game altogether,i take it's only a matter of using small programs or a program to demonstrate each of those sub headings.If i was to use the game i'm using for Project 1 i'll still be at this stage this time next year.

    I had another look at the brief again,it seems the assignments are to be integrated into the game design we used for Project 1,which we then have to build a frame work with which to use into our own game.Also the code should be robust and free from any obvious serious bugs.

    I feel ill now,the years i've put on are unreal lol.
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    Ok a plan i mad so far for writing the first project

    i planed out the whole game in very abstract pseuodocode (add a flowchart here I would say)
    now i'm writting out the classes I will need and how they will interact together (add some class layout sheets here i'd say)
    i have made the images for start menu,options menu, help screen, level select screen, and playing field screen.
    i'd say comment with some pseudo code of how they would interact.
    that's where i'm at now, hope this helps a litle on the planning side. for you guys.
    Writing the actual project two will also need documentation
    so always provide what classes you will need what functionality each class needs
    and how you made it faster, and what problems you could expect to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmsorhaindo View Post
    Hey Willow,

    A question about project 2 sort of relating to project one aswell so I'll post it here...

    Did your code implementations for each part of project 2 link together to form the game you TDD'd for project 1?


    Did you just code a small program for each part of project 2?

    I managed to implement Memory Management,Sprite Blitting/ Tiles Rendering and Data Serialisation within one puzzle game ( the same I used for Project 1 TDD) and I did separate programs for pathfindind and procedural generation which can be integrated in any game that requires them.
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    They haven't really showed us how to create an actual game design document they have only given us a brief idea of what it should be. I am having difficulty figuring it out by myself. Should it be a full length professional document that you would see for a normal game? or are they only expecting the document to only contain the information they list in the section 2 manual? They only list about 7 different subjects where as other game design documents look like encyclopedias

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    his is what tutors said when I asked them the same question

    There are no particular rules that need to be followed so long as you cover the topic as necessary and you spelling and grammar are of a good standard (make sure to get someone to proof read for you!).

    The documentation should include a small explanation of your understanding of the topic and a documentation of how you approached completing each task.
    Aside from that it should include references for any third party code you may have used and a list of any known issues with your solution for the task.
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