Hi, my name is Lucinda Payne,
I signed up and joined around 3/4 years ago. yes I know time flies.
I started doing some of my course which was a junior artist and animators course,
My laptop died and ive finally saved enough for a new one.
It's taken way too long but I'm finally back on my feet again, except,
I was about to try and salvage my old 3DS Max, photoshop etc that ive already paid for
*despite not being able to do my course I continued to pay it off*
I am trying to transfer it to my new laptop,
but I'm worried I wont be able to.
I've basically taken a 4 year break from it and I think everything has expired
seeing as the course is only estimated to take 3 years to do anyway.

Have I wasted my money and lost my chance? or is there anyway i'll be able to get everything back and start from scratch? :/

I think it's cost me like 5k,
so I'd rather be put back at the starting line than disqualified.....

I still want to do my course and I'm worried the opportunity has been snatched from me and now I'm stuck. :/

Any feedback is helpful, thank you.