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Thread: harlequin (40k) inspired model

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    Default harlequin (40k) inspired model

    back.jpgbum.jpgface.jpgfront bum.jpgfront sculpt.jpgback.jpgbum.jpgface.jpgfront bum.jpgfront sculpt.jpg

    just thought I'd put up a couple of quick mudbox renders of a wip of a character I'm putting together. most of these pics are the fully sculpted article, I just need to add more detailed normal maps with paint layers and then the painting itself. what do people think?

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    Looking good so far Ash. I would say the face could do with a little work. Its a little to 'round' and 'ballon' like for an eldar type character. It needs dynamisism or harsher edges., especially the cheek bones.
    You should load your images to something like photobucket, as its hard to really see them on this forums own image upload.

    P.S. where in Bristol you from.... Weston super mare here

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