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Thread: What is the Final Major Project/s to pass this course?

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    Default What is the Final Major Project/s to pass this course?

    What are the biggest assignments in this course? Currently on TMA 42, so I believe I'll be done soon. However I've bearly done any of the assignment work, I just read through everything.

    To take the 3rd and final exam what are the requirements I need to do it? I've passed examinations 1 & 2 and waiting for the final one.

    Also I'm currently a university student and wondering I could do 2 birds with one stone and make my final project for this course, the same as my university course. Since my assignment is to make my own brief. Therefore I can make the most major scenes in this course!

    Can somebody please tell or link me what I need to have to pass this course?

    Thank You.

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    Hello bud. Once you have done the T2G work you will then be moving onto the City and Guilds work, which is where you will gain your qualification. Its 4 modules, using the skills you have learnt, with less help, so really making you work.
    It covers modelling of both hard and organic models, rigging, animation and texturing. so, everything you have already learnt
    You cannot submit ANY work to 2 different marking institutes BTW.
    hope this helps

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