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Thread: Almost finished my course, but course runs out on 3rd of december!!!

  1. Default Almost finished my course, but course runs out on 3rd of december!!!

    So I wrote to T2G to ask requesting a course extension. I've finished all the tma's and halfway through my first final city and guilds assignment. What I would like to know is I've seen many people write on the forum how they got an extension so why have I been turned down and if my course ends on the 3rd of December can I still do my finals with city and guilds??
    Over the past 3 YEAR life has had its ups and downs, this has taken a toll on my studies, I only have my three final city and guilds assignments to do. I just hope this doesn't take the chances of having my dream job away from me.

    Please help guys, I've worked so hard to get this far and now I can see the end of the tunnel it's gonna be bricked up.


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    Last I heard it was a 200 fee for a year extension but they must have stopped doing that. You might be better asking on the new forum on student world as there are more people online there
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    Hey Fretter did you manage to get an extension? I'm running out of time on my course now just want to know what my chances are of getting an extension ?

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