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    Hello everyone!

    My name is Jan and I decided to share a bit of my story with T2G.Some time ago, fed up of ordinary jobs I decided to change my life and do something I will be passionate about. I always loved games and everything around them so I started to look for game jobs and how games are made and decided to find a job in games industry. I was looking for games tester jobs or at least call centres related to games/gaming and while searching I got to train2game, received a call and probably most of you know what followed. I've been with train2game on AA course for quite a while now, around 6 years obviously with breaks and I started it when I was 21. Course was great solution for me as I was moving a lot from countries to countries, jobs to jobs and houses to houses due to my lifestyle. I could do it from distance and that was great. I liked the most Artist/Animator course so I choose it, and while working in factories, kitchens, buildings and other jobs full-time I was studying in my free time. I was a bit quiet on the forums, but that's mostly because I've been using it mostly to find solutions to my problems, which I have almost always found here. It's great community. Course is probably taking me longer then it will to most of you, if not all of you , but anyway I enjoyed doing it even all that time. Before the course, I didn't do much drawing, or anything art related, and throughout that time I've learned to edit pictures, make 3d models, textures, rigging and animation, to draw with pencil, digital painting and sculpting, design, to use 3ds max, Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Coat, Zbrush and many other skills and applications. I joined student studio on the forums some time ago which was great fun, I learned a lot thanks to it, and met nice people but unfortunately it went to void after some time. A lot of what I learned wasn't from the course, but if I didn't go for it, chances are that none, or most of those skills and interests would not come to my life as I'm not sure if I would get interested in those things on my own, so I'm grateful for all that. I've just finished 3rd section and I'm awaiting markings for my portfolio projects and to receive c&g assignments, and hopefully soon enough, I'll be getting my qualification. I'm looking for the jobs slowly, so I decided to build my portfolio website with a lot of projects done during the course, so have a look there if interested. I'd appreciate some opinions, critique, or advice if you don't mind dropping a post. And also if you have need any help or If you'd like some advice on T2G or anything else feel free to ask. Thank you for reading all of this and here's my portfolio website:
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    Hi Jan. Good luck with your C&G work. It looks like you will do great at it.
    Your website is a good idea, but, if I may, can I suggest you work on your presentation of your 3d models. The models and the textures of them look great, but the lighting and poses they are in do them NO justice. Spend some time learning Mentalray on 3DS Max and 3 point or HDRI lighting. It will really make your models 'pop'

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    Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'll definitely do some changes to portfolio once I'll have work done. I decided to redo portfolio, after feedback from tutors from scratch. Will post it once done.

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