Pop Up Marmalade

A small event where we pick a weekend, see who turns up in my Teamspeak channel and spend the weekend making some games.

If there are enough people to form a couple of teams that would be awesome, but if not we can make one big team and just make something. If you want to enter as an individual that's fine, as well.

I'll provide a a few options for a theme and people can choose the one they like best. We'll use Unity or Unreal, the choice is your's, but I'd like the resulting game/s to be .exe files so they can be uploaded to the forum and just be played with a click of a button. (You can use Gamemaker but I think you need the full version to produce .exe files).

The event will open at 6.30am on Saturday, starting promptly at 7.00am and will finish at 11pm on Sunday. That gives us 40 hours to come up with something, pretty tight, but we're all talented people so it should be possible

There won't be any prizes this time, as I want to keep it as simple as possible and if we're lucky enough to have teams, the judging will be done through a strawpoll on the forum.

The whole event will be hosted from my Teamspeak channel (as per Game Marmalade), so you'll need a headset and mic to be involved. This is a good opportunity to meet your fellow students which will help you to form your own teams in the future.

So please go to the following strawpoll to vote for the date which is best for you, multi-vote is enabled so please vote for all the dates which are good for you.


Voting will close on Friday 23rd September at 7pm and I'll post the result the same evening.

Any questions pm me here and I look forward to everyone getting involved.


PM me for passwords to the Teamspeak channel.