Hi All,

Well we did it guys, Game Marmalade was an awesome event and I can't thank everyone enough for helping to make it happen. You have all put so much hard work and effort into your games and I'm sure you're all shattered, but you have to give yourselves a massive pat on the back for what you've all achieved.

So our Theme for the event was a suggestion sent in by Lloyd The End Is Just The Beginning. Weve come out with 3 games and one incomplete game, which will be assembled sometime in the future. I'm blown away by the artwork, the very different styles, the different interpretations of the theme and how far everyone got. Im so proud of everyone and I cant wait to see where the teams and games go from here. The End Is Just The Beginning, if you like lol.

The results are up on the Website so please take a look, play the games and vote in the straw poll for your winner. http://slinkydink68.wix.com/game-marmalade

Thank you everyone for all your hard work and for making Game Marmalade such a positive experience.