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Thread: Important Marmalade Updates and a small change to the start time.

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    Default Important Marmalade Updates and a small change to the start time.

    Firstly I have to apologies as I thought Friday 27th May 2016 was a Bank Holiday (wishful thinking on my part), so Game Marmalade will now start later at 19.00 instead of 12.00.

    Also I wanted to clarify a few things as it appears some student think I've hired a large room somewhere and will be providing computers and software for all to use. Sadly I haven't won the Lottery, so this is not the case.

    So here is a full round up.

    Event Name = GAME MARMALADE – this is an alternative to Train2Game's, Game Jam, as it is being organised for students, by students. This is not being organised by Train2Game, although they have kindly offered to give us any help we might need.

    Dates & Times = Friday 27th May 2016 starting at 19.00, to Monday 30th May ending at 12.00.

    Venue = My Teamspeak Channel – This is an online event where you will be using your own equipment, software, Wi-Fi, tea, coffee, food, etc.

    Price/Cost = This is a free event, it costs nothing to enter or take part. (You get my time and energy for free lol).

    Who can attend = Entrants must be active Train2Game students, currently undertaking one of the courses.

    Teams = Teams will be made up of no more than 4 students. It is up to you to get your own team together and it is up to you what mix of skills you choose.

    Help with Team Building = I will be holding regular meets in my Teamspeak Channel, on Friday's, between 19.00 and 21.00. All students are welcome to come into the Channel between these times to meet other students looking to form a team. I thought by giving everyone a regular time and place to meet up, it would give as many of you as possible, the opportunity to meet other students, get to know each other and form some alliances. (The enquiries I've had so far, all have a similar tone - I'm interested but I don't know anyone, so I don't know how I'd get a team together). These meets will be every Friday from now until Game Marmalade starts.

    If it gets closer to the event and students are still having difficulty connecting with each other, I might ask everyone to send me their details and I will put you into teams.

    Registration = Once you have your team together you will be required to send me an email with the names of your team members (also, please send me the names people use on the forums), their email addresses, your team name, who is going to be your team leader and a suggestion for a Theme, for the event.

    The Theme = On registration each Team will be required to send in the Theme they would like for the event. You will use the Theme as a source of inspiration for what you make and you will be required to utilise the Theme in some way in your game. For example if the theme was yellow, you might make a game with yellow in the title, or as the colour for the UI buttons. The theme can be anything – a word, a book, a song, a sound, whatever you like. All the Theme's will be put into a hat and I will pick one out at random at the beginning of the event. There will be one draw and whatever comes out of the hat will be the Theme for the full event.

    What will we make = As long as you incorporate the Theme into what you create you can make anything you like. It is totally up to you where you take the Theme and what you do with it. But the aim of Game Marmalade is for each team to produce a playable game utilising the chosen theme in some way.

    How will it be judged = I'm currently putting a panel of judges together comprising of past and present students who are unable to attend the event, but would still like to be involved. Judges will have access to all the entries over the 12 days following the event and the results will be given out, in Teamspeak, on Sunday 12th June 2016 at 19.00.

    What will they be judging =

    Scores out of 10 will be awarded for each of the following categories, with a possible 50 points available from each judge. I have not worked out how many judges there will be yet and I'm open to thoughts and ideas on this.

    1. Quality of work/aesthetics.
    2. Playability.
    3. Addictiveness.
    4. How the game/app relates to the theme.
    5. Development opportunities.

    Additional judging = All entries will also be available through both Forums, for others to play. There will be a poll for players to vote for their favourite and I'm hoping people will leave a few comments. Additional points will be given to the top 3, 1st will get 5 points, 2nd will get 3 points and 3rd will get an additional point. This will be closed at 23.00 on Saturday 11th June 2016.

    Results/Scores = The points will be added up (both judge and forum points) and the team with the highest score will be the winner.

    Unfortunately I can not give any prizes for winning, but you'll (hopefully) be rewarded with a team project you can put into your portfolio and you'll get to know some of your fellow students.

    How will the Event Run:-

    1. Registered Teams assemble in my Teamspeak Channel (in the main channel) at 19.00 on Friday 27th May 2016.

    (Each Team will have their own Channel, with their Team name, within my channel and will have full access throughout the event. By adding a password to your channel you can restrict who enters and there will be a backup server, just in case the server I use goes down).

    2. When all Teams are assembled, I'll pick a Theme at random from the hat and read it out immediately so everyone gets it at the same time, making it fare.

    3. Once you have the theme, teams go the their respective channels and have until 12.00 on Monday 30th May 2016, to produce a playable game which utilises the chosen theme in some way.

    (How you use your time is up to you, who works on what is up to you, what equipment you use is up to you, basically as long as you utilise the Theme, the rest is up to you).

    4. Game entries must be registered with me on or before 12.00 on Monday 30th May 2016. Please do not be late, as I do not want to disqualify anyone. The end time of the event is 12.00 and you must submit your entries by or before this time. Entries submitted after this time (and I will be strict on this) will be disqualified and will not make the judging panel. A deadline is a deadline.

    5. All entries will then be judged over the course of the following 12 days by the judging panel and players will vote on their favourite on the forums.

    6. For the results, teams will assemble in Teamspeak at 19.00 on Sunday 12th June 2016 where the judges will give their results and critiques.

    (Judges will give the scores for each category and their reasons for awarding those points, what they liked about each game, what they thought worked and if anything didn't and any other thoughts, tips or opinions they might wish to share).

    Boring stuff which needs to be said

    Please remember we are not able to profit from anything we make, as we will (mostly) be using student software and please be aware of any T&C's or restrictions which might apply to any software/equipment/etc, you decide to use, over and above what is provided by Train2Game.

    Also there is a massive element of trust by doing this online, as I can't control how you put your game/app together. I realise rules might be stretched/broken or thrown out the window completely and that is entirely up to you. But by entering into any dishonest behavior to complete your game, you are only being dishonest to yourself and your fellow students. If you can live with that, then go for it, but I believe you all have a bit more respect for each other than that.

    How to get to Teamspeak

    Please contact me at for the ip address and password.

    So I think that's about everything, if I've forgotten anything or you have any comments, thoughts or questions please comment here or PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    How to get to Teamspeak

    Please contact me at for the Ip address and password.

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    UPDATE 12/03/2016

    Hi All,

    So I've finally done a little video about Teamspeak, what it is and how to use it, and wasn't prepared for how long it took me. So sorry for the massive delay in getting this out.

    Please contact me at for the ip address and password.


    The server is called - Magical Adventures 2

    Please use your forum name, so we know who you are and have a working headset with mic.

    Also, don't forget to come to the channel, with your logo entries, by 21.00 this Sunday 13th March. I'll be in the channel from 19.00 on wards, so speak to you soon.

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    How to get to Teamspeak

    Please contact me at for the Ip address and password.

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