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    Hi all !

    I thought it would be a good Idea to open a thread for everyone who want's to share their portfolio progress.

    I'm going to start by sharing mine

    So far I have done:

    Memory management system including memory manager, dynamic allocation size pool, fixed allocation size pool, and the entire memory allocation interface system, I have used the Dr2Framework library (included in 1st 2nd version of the course) as the reference and learning resource, I'm using this system to build my entire portfolio framework.

    Sprite Blitting, including static sprites, tile sheet sprites, and animating sprites, I've decided to use directX 11 and and DirectX Tool Kit, as there is many tutorials on the internet, it's fairly easy to learn, you can learn from best in Microsoft Virtual Academy,and there is quite big MSDN forum where you can ask for help.

    Procedural generation I did 3 procedural generation projects well 2.5 project heh. the first one I did is based on really simple algorithm called "cellular automaton" it is mostly used to generate cave like maps, and its really easy to implement,
    second one is my attempt to create my own generation algorithm I haven't finished it yet but hopefully I will in the future, the third one is procedural dungeon generator and its based on Binary Space Partitioning algorithm, I will probably attempt on Graph based dungeon generation but for now I'm happy with my BSP generator,

    Path Finding this is a tricky one so far I have Graph object, some helper code to generate graphs and AyStar search done, but I haven't tested it yet, it seams to work but hey we all know how it is, so I'm expecting some debugging on the way.

    Data Serialisation I have done a part of it so far I have text file reader, it is simple standard file stream wrapper and it only provides methods to either read/write buffer to/of the stream or read/write basic types along with their names it need to be updated as it is the first project I did and now since I have my memory management system I want to use it in this project, still have to do XML file reading system and I will ether write my own, or wrap one of the Microsoft serialiser such as XmlLite. The ultimate goal is to implement a serialiser class and an abstract serialisable class that can be used to allow an object to supply named values to the serialiser, this is very simple and I guess everyone who knows what a base class pointer to derived object means will be able to code such system.

    So I still have quite a bit to do and some of my projects need to be updated, but I had a serious injury and I wasn't able to study for about a year, however now I'm back on track and my fingers are warm up.

    here is a link to my YouTube channel where I have few videos :

    Resources Used:

    c++ library documentation
    Train2Game exaples,
    Microsoft Virtual Academy,
    DirectXToolKit documentation,


    Beginning c++ through game programming,
    Beginning DirectX 11 programming,
    Algorithms And Data Structures third edition,
    c++ XML
    Programming Game AI By example,
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    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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    Well lets hope they don't throw you off the course for taking too long. To complete a part time masters degree in 3 years is impossible. I changed from one version of the course to another at their suggestion and then they won't allow you enough time to finish the course. I have a disabled child and have received a letter that basically says don't take us to court as it's happened before and you won't win.
    Not the response I wanted when I was sold the course as open ended. A part time masters with the OU could take 7-9 years. I now have no access to the new forum/campus or materials. Very disappointed.

    However you seem to be making headway, well done I wish you well for the future.
    Is it wet and windy at the seaside?

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    Sorry about your little one. However, many with very busy lives do make it through in time. Some who are very close opt for the new additional year.
    If you have paid in full you can ask for all the course material, that's not an issue.
    Have a look here
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