Just wanted to post the new details of my Teamspeak channel so anyone who wants to come and have a chat with other students can find us.

Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter what course you're doing as it's a mixed group. There's usually someone in the channel from 7pm every evening and everyone's really nice to chat to.

How to find my channel.

  1. Download the client option of Teamspeak3 - http://www.teamspeak...page=downloads
  2. Click on Connections in the toolbar, then click on Connect.
  3. Enter the IP address – in the Server Address Box.
  4. Click on the Connect button at the bottom of the window.
  5. You will be taken to the Magical Adventures 2 community.
  6. Scroll down through the different channels and look for – Slinky's – T2G Channel.
  7. Click on the channel name and enter the password – 3D2015
  8. You should now be in my channel.

(PM me if you need any help getting connected slinky.dink68@outlook.com).

I thought I'd post the info for the 2 hour creative session as well and invite any designers or developers who want assets made to get in touch, with concept art and/or detailed brief.

General Information

For the 2 Hour Creative Session on Sunday 24th January (19.00 to 21.00), I'm going to be giving you 2 options.

1. The Art Option - Will be the usual, pick a suggestion out of the hat and you have 2 hours to see how far you can get.

2. The Designer/Developer Option - Will be an asset for a game, the brief will be given by a Designer or Developer and they will provide the concept art and/or detailed instructions. The Designer or Developer will be in the channel for the entire session, will be on hand to give further direction and will ask to see your progress at regular intervals.

I am hoping this will give those who wish to get involved, the experience of working to someone else's vision and improve skills such as communication, visualisation, team building, etc.

At the end of the session the Designer/Developer will discuss your models and pick the one they would like to take further, to potentially use in the project it's been designed for.

Obviously not all artists have time to get involved with a game project, so you are more than welcome to do the Designer/Developer Option and make the prop, without committing to involvement in the wider game project. You might just want to experience working to someone else's brief.

I'm sure I don't need to point this out but please keep in mind the Designers/Developers will be asking for asset’s they are planning to use in their current projects, which could lead to you joining a team, getting more involved and devoting more of your time to the project. This has obvious implications on how much time you then have to devote to your studies, so just keep it in mind before making any commitments.

Obviously credits will be given for any work used and this could add an extra level of competence to your portfolio and CV.

All pieces will be posted on the Forum as usual and I am hoping the Designers and Developers will also give feedback and explain their choices and how they made them.

Designers and Developers further information

There will only be one Designer/Developer Option per session and successful applications will be ordered on a first come first served basis, in the interest of fairness.

If your Concept is accepted for inclusion in the sessions, it will be added to the waiting list and will be used when it gets to the top of the list. Therefore depending on how many submissions I receive, there will be a short wait before your design is used.

I realise we are all busy so preferred dates can be discussed in advance, as you will need to be in the channel for the full 2 hours and about 30 minutes after to give feedback.

So if you're a Designer or a Developer who is interested in getting involved and have the concept art and/or a detailed brief for an assets you need for a future project, please get in touch with me at slinky.dink68@outlook.com, or you can always speak to me in my Teamspeak channel.

I'm really hoping this will be a successful addition to the 2 Hour Creative Sessions, with more people getting involved and teams being formed.