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    Default Returning to study

    So, I've been taking a break from study for what seems like forever due to health issues. Now, with my life becoming more stable, I'd like to return to my studies - however, it looks like the course structure has changed considerably since last I was here. My question is this: being that I have long-lost my study materials and student world access details due to several house moves, what would be the best way to make contact with T2G again?
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    I was in the same position as you and had to get an extension on my course. Contact them direct at Head Office. I also commented in the forum and got help and advice from the moderator Eric.

    Good luck
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    Hi All

    There's no generic route with this subject. So advice is this, we published a long time back confirmation of how and when course extensions can be applied for. Pop it inot the search bar to find it. In my sig are places to contact re extensions. Were it becomes very difficult is time, not sure what your timings are. However, Courses have changed as they need to be updated, the industry doesn't stand still, and so you may find you need to pay for some aspects. I don't know and opening dialogue is not going to help as it's the wrong place - you need to be in touch with Head Office, so please start there>

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