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Thread: sma 33 - concept sketches - sci-fi hero

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    Looking good man! Look forward to seeing the textures.

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    Default helmet textured

    herman gelmet zwei.jpgherman gelmet.jpg

    here is a couple of pics of the characters (so far called leather larry) helmet and breathing apparatus. looks ok but there is a seem running across the top that is hard to deal with. I was thinking of running a meta band over the seem to hide it, but it wouldn't then be true to the original character concept. also, on the first pic their is an area of bad shadowing that I don't know what creates that. does anyone know why some shadows are very rough and angular seemingly from nowhere?

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    Default wireframes

    wireframe man.jpgwireframe face.jpg

    here is a couple of wireframes of my character as requested. I couldn't resist leaving his hair piece on.

    sorry about the quality of the pics. I can't easily upload good quality pics.
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    Talking my character with all textures applied

    face with eyes.jpghelmet shut.jpghelmet with eyes.jpg

    here is my nearly complete space trucker/biker. I still need to finish his pistol and add a zipper to his jacket. then it's a case off rigging him and putting him in some funky poses. what do people reckon?

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    would be good to see your topology

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    biker back.jpg[ATTACH=CONFIG]17140

    here are a couple more pics. NkH I put up a couple of rough wireframe versions of the model, are they what you were after?
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    Default wireframes for character

    biker body topology.jpghelmet wireframe.jpg

    I decided to stop being lazy and made a couple of much clearer wireframe shots of my character. I think this shows fairly smooth topology that should be easy to work with/animate. any thoughts or criticisms are welcome.

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    wireframe biker body.jpgwireframe face.jpghelmet wireframe bigger.jpg

    more pics. this uploader gives me a lot of problems by seemingly not allowing certain images to be uploaded based on file size, although others at same size upload fine. that's why my pics are posted at this staccato rate.

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    Default concept pics of villain character.

    John Mongrel portrait with outlines.jpgJohn Mongrel portrait without outlines.jpg[ATTACH=CONFIG]17152

    ATTACH=CONFIG]17153[/ATTACH]john mongrel lighter.jpg

    my pics of 'john mongrel' my villain character. he's an ex con who runs a biker gang, and is a mean son of a *****.
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