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    Hi every one, my name is George.
    I study Games Design. I am doing research on educational games. I have been working on a game for the past year now and I strongly believe in its educational potential. It is based on business and economics. As hard as the topics sound I have tried my best to make it as simple and focused as possible on both subjects. I believe it can help students from schools or colleges understand these subjects better. I believe it can help students exercise and practice what they've learned in the classroom while encouraging them to have more interest in both subjects. The game allows you to grow your company from the ground up. The challenge is to manage your company in the different economies around the world as best as you can. Use the link below to download the current prototype. It still needs a few adjustments and clarification. I am doing research to find out if it has the potential to have a positive impact to those with business and economic background especially students. I want to know how it can be improved and how it can be made into a better educational game. So please fill out the survey below after playing the game. Thanks you very much for reading this post and I am anxiously awaiting your feedback. Email me at [email removed for security reasons - please PM George, Best Eric] for any enquiry and follow me twitter @geoo993.

    Best Regards to you All

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