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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been looking through the forum lately and have noticed that there are lot of people asking for help with motivation in getting through the course and I realised that I haven't really had that problem and so started to have a think about why in the hope of giving some pointers to help anyone out there with that problem :-)

    Firstly any time you really don't feel like studying try looking at the end of the lesson you are currently on to see what it is you are aiming to create for that lesson as this will give you a clear short term vision rather than aimlessly worknig through pages of the workbook.

    Secondly get someone else to support you (for me it is my wife). Ask them to continually ask you what you are up to in your course or how the course is going or even to ask you if you have done any more work towards the course so far that day. The more other express interest in what you are doing the more you will be motivated to have something to show them.

    Thirdly, if there are any periods in which you are waiting for your new book or waiting for your work to be marked start or get involved in another project so that you can keep up a momentum.

    Lastly, no matter how much you don't have the energy try reading through some of the material or doing something on a current practical. even if you only read a page before bed or do something on a practical piece of work and don't get anywhere, the more you are playing with the software and the more times you read through the same page(s) or work the more you learn even if it is subconcious.

    I also find that watching a motivational film like short circuit 2, rocky etc... and then immediately picking up the work book helps.

    I really hope that someone finds this useful and that no-one finds it patronising or anything. I have experienced motivational issues with other things before so I know how much of a rut it can get a person in, so I am just trying to help :-)



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    Thanks for the tips, I'm currently one of those "in a rut", i've struggled for motivation along with working a job long hours as a waiter >.<
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