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Thread: Heights Game! Tell me What you Think!!!

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    Default Heights Game! Tell me What you Think!!!

    Hey Guys just posting Something a few friends of mine have been working on.

    Conall Costello
    Kerry Harrison
    Niamh Maguire
    Francis McBride
    Roseanne McGlinchy

    This Game is called Heights .

    The objective is to "Guide your hot air balloon through the obstacles while collecting points - but don't hit the birds!"

    Heights will have you flying through the air and exploring beautifully designed portals. Addictive and fast-paced this app is suitable for all ages!

    Its available on Google Play and it would be great if yous could try it out and let me know what you think / suggest any improvements. These guys are looking to launch this title on Apple products soon and want opinions on how to improve it for the future.

    So play away and tell me what you think. I've Provided a Link to the Game.



    Thanks for Viewing and hope you Play!!!
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