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Thread: 2 Years with train to game!!

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    Hi All, I've been on this course for 2 years now and I've finished section 2 and just about to start my fifth portfolio project. I'm just wondering if I'm making good progress or do I need to step it up?? Plus I was going to use grimm for my tv story bible what do you guys think?
    All the best, Andy

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    Hey Fretter,

    I don't know what the "right" time frame is, I believe whatever pace is good for you is the right pace.

    I can tell you that I started in November 2014 and I have just finished section 2 and about to start portfolio 3.

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    Hi Both

    There is no right or wrong here - some work quicker than others - some have more time that others. Rage is correct - what ever is good for you is best, but don't go to slow or you suffer from forgetting :-)

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