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    Hi to everyone,

    I have been on the developer course for about 5months now and really enjoying it, but would love to join a team/group of developers as I am still a newbie and want to learn a lot more about C++, unity etc. So if anyone has anything to offer or any room in a team, or even if people would like to start a team that would be great!


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    Hi Andy,

    A good place to look out for student studios is here on the forum, but also on the Train2Game blog

    You can also find profiles of Train2Game students already in teams on

    All the best,

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    Hi Andy,

    Did you manage to find a team to join at all?
    If not I am looking to put together a little team and have been struggling to find people aswell, so by all means drop me a direct message or an email via my profile if you are still looking :-)



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