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Thread: Making An Online Portfolio

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladypiru View Post
    Help!!!!!!! I scanned my art onto my laptop but when I open the file to try and load the images onto my portfolio page its empty. I can do a search of files and find the scanned images and open them on my desktop but can't do anything else with them.
    As yauster rightly said the web host may have limits on your file upload sizes or depending on the website software may in fact limit the image dimensions / resolution and a scan would likely be bigger than 'optimal' for a website. It is also possible that the image file format may be refused by the web server or site software.

    You could get around these issues by using 'FTP' (if you know how and have access to it) or you could use software such as Fotosizer (free, to resize your images which in doing this, you'd automatically be reducing the file size (assuming you resize smaller).

    If you want 'big' images, I'd recommend nothing over full HD (so full screen for most people, wouldn't be wasting 'pixels' and space for the image) which is 1920x1080 pixels / resolution.

    The common format and probably the most widely supported format across the web would be "JPEG" or "jpg" (both the same format).

    Give that software a try and see how that goes... I guess it might be good to find or write up some web authoring tutorials online for people new to the whole website authoring...

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    If you are looking for a good design for your website I suggest looking at themeforest as they are also branded very nicely. furthermore if you use a content management system like Wordpresss or Drupal updating the site with projects would be a lot easier.

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