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Thread: Problem with Set Key Animation!!!

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    Default Problem with Set Key Animation!!!

    Hey Guys not sure if anyone can help.So i rigged my sea creature,skinned it to the best as i can and placed a SplineIK system into it as well.Now i want to animate it.When I toggle on Set key, move one limb and press the large Set Keys button, as i move the time slider the limb moves back into its original position and there is not animation recorded.If i use Auto Key, i don't get this problem.What am i doing wrong?

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    That's weird, not sure what to suggest, I guess if the auto key works and you can get the results you're after then just use the Auto Key function. Has google turned up anything?
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    Yeah....ive tried Google but no luck at all

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    Set keys requires you to press the large set keys button at the start position and then each key position there after. Auto key is defo the way forward!

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    Hey mate,
    This is not a problem, it's just a weakness you identified, I had the same problem, but telling you the solution will re-enforce your issue with it.
    Study other Autodesk animation features, doing this will result in a solid knowledge of advanced looking animations and does show you the best way to get it done without too much time lost.
    Well done so far!

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