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Thread: Section 2 Part C-Do you feel you got anything from it?

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    Default Section 2 Part C-Do you feel you got anything from it?

    Hi all

    Just completed Section 2C and really struggling to find that I've learnt anything.

    I'm still not sure I could write any coherent code, does anyone else feel the same?

    I think I could re-work the examples, but definitely not from scratch.
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    im just on 2A art 15 the under water scrolling game and im starting to scratch my head at the code.... i learned a bit from the pong but not enough to do a scrolling game out side of game maker lol
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    Sorry to Necro this thread, nevertheless..

    I have found that starting with Example 15 things get really complicated really quickly. Especially with Example 15-05.

    Just like OP I could't write ANY coherent code, not even proficiently edit one.

    There was "Warning" in the material that there will be less and less explanations, however it went from "Press button marked "N" on your keyboard to see letter "N" on the screen" to "Make it work." with the snap of fingers.

    Could anyone tell me if I'm missing something? Does it get easier, more intuitive, clearer??

    So far I can sit for 2hrs scratching my head, how to write a single line in code and still be wrong. Looking at next example just makes me feel like cheater and I won't learn anything by reading correct answers..

    I don't mind googling something now and then, but this is getting too much.

    Any tips/input from more advanced students?

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