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Thread: PP5 game review

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    Question PP5 game review

    Has anyone submitted a game review for portfolio project 5 to a game review site and if so which one? Iv researched and mailed out to editors and not heard back at all. None of the review sites offer review submissions normally as they have their own reviewers.
    Im going to find it hard to get it published if all of the review sites have their guys review stuff straight away so when i send one to them they already reviewed it? Anyone else find this?
    Any help would be apreciated thanks

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    Ever thought of messaging or emailing Mark, the T2G Blogger? He won't be able to supply games but if you do write a good review I'm sure he would use it, but it would have to be good :-) If nothing else ask for some advice! You can reach him via

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    Thanks Eric il give it a shout

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    UPDATE :- After a week now no one out of the 18 emails i sent out to a variety of editors for a variety of places got back to me one way or the other and now the game i reviewed is 2 weeks old and they all have their own reviews of the game by their own guys.
    How is this project supposed to be completed this way?
    The project says it can still be marked if its not actually published but... kinda defeats the point of the project
    Anyone else have this trouble?

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