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Thread: Portfolio Project 1 confusion (no answers please just help)

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    Default Portfolio Project 1 confusion (no answers please just help)

    Hey all,
    So i was confident that i found all of the bugs i could find and even a few extra ones including evidence to prove they were there. (40) in total. T2G marked it and turned it back to me labeling the bug find section as 'need more work' (found 25-31) a pass would have been 32 (36 is better ).
    After around 12 more hours of testing (and tearing hair) i only found 1 more bug.

    They didnt tell me though if i had found all the bugs and just categorized them wrong.
    So my confusion is this: If a graphical anomaly occurs in the game e.g. a wall, then this would be an asset bug as the error is with the walls texture asset, correct? This means that in all of the 6 games i only found 1 Display bug.
    Assuming that the display bugs are related to the game display window, resolution and wrapping???
    So... am i right in this thinking and T2G screwed up the categories? or was i wrong and the wall would be a Display error for example??
    Any help is much appreciated

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    Hey Benni,

    You gave me a huge scare now, as I have sent my projects three days ago without being sure that it's all done correctly...
    But, if it comes about your project, I think you made a mistake if it comes about display bugs. This type of bug was supposed to be "any kind of graphical anomaly not obviously related to an asset error", so I assume it can be, for example, green colour of blood in a game that is supposed to be realistic (correct me if I'm wrong).

    I think I would be able to help you more if I would be sure that I have done my project right... But if you would like to discuss more about bugs that we both have found and their categories, feel free to PM me

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    Hey wolvin
    i agree,
    but this is where the lines blur lol
    The blood is an artists 3d texture asset of 'blood' that is produced at the instance of the 3d character model asset getting shot by the enemy bullet asset???
    so no matter what way i look at it its all about the assets??? all of these items are assets put into the game by programmers.

    thanks for the reply though, you are probably right and its probably T2G that have made this harder than it needs to be

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