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Thread: How long do i have?

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    Question How long do i have?

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knew what projects I have left, until the end of my course. The stage I'm at is as follows:

    Booklet - Section 3 Part C - SMA 43 (page 368)
    Portfolio Projects - working through Portfolio Project 6

    Does anyone know how much work I have left to do? Am I on the last booklet and how many Portfolio Projects there are in total?

    I have agreed to do the City & Guilds part of the course also, what does this consist of?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    There are 10 projects in total, and about 9 assignments in total. The section 3 booklet is the last booklet. As for the city and guilds thing, I'm not sure of that as I don't think I signed up to it.

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    Everyone has to do the C&G qualification now, the TIGA qualification no longer exists since TIGA cut ties with T2G (or T2G cut ties with TIGA, they both say they did the dumping).
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    No problems, thanks for the info
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