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Thread: PP1 - Game 2: Can't seem to find a new bug from the fixed one, any help?

  1. Default PP1 - Game 2: Can't seem to find a new bug from the fixed one, any help?

    So after trying to find a bug for what seems like forever from the fixed one in game 2 of PP1, I just don't know what to do and seem to be in need of some help. Without giving me the answer, has anyone got any clues they could give me or some advice on something I may have missed?


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    Hi SkarFace,

    You couldn't find any bugs in fixed version? I will give you a tip that helped me a lot in finding and classifying the bugs. Check out .pdf of PP1 and look at the bug types that were suggested. After that, try to focus on each element that might be bugged- a feature from game description (also in PP1.pdf), do regression test carefully... You might find each type of bug in one game, if I am correct, but many people said the same.

    I hope this helps you, good luck!

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    Hi again,

    I seem to have done game 2 but now struggling to find a new bug in the after version of game 3 (the apartment scene). I've sat at my pc over and spent about 20 hours looking or trying to hear something that isn't right and need help big time. Anyone got any suggestions as to what I could do or maybe something I've missed?


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