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    My developer ("studio") name is: Enigma 23 (
    I have now released two games!

    Shh, Zombies :
    This is a puzzle game where the player must set out a safe path from the start to the exit, by placing waypoints and then pressing 'Go' to watch the action unfold. There are zombies along the way to avoid, and collectables to grab along the way. SZ includes 40 levels to over come, 20 during the day, and 20 set at night. Night time levels are a bit more difficult due to more zombies and lower lighting.

    SZ is available on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows 8.1 Store.

    Minecart Runner :
    This is an infinite runner with two modes, and it's free.
    Normal mode - roll along rails, collect the precious items and avoid gaps and obstacles.
    Krazy mode - last as long as you possibly can on this procedurally generated mode, with platforms to land on and diamonds to collect.
    Social features include:
    - Achievements
    - Leaderboards
    - Everyplay video recording and sharing (

    Minecart Runner is available for free on iOS and Android

    Social links to follow:

    (G+ and YouTube are new and still in the process of being setup)
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    Enigma 23 Games
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    Hey, congrats on your second indie release!

    Just downloaded and had a quick go, nice. I'm not very good though.

    Part-time Indie game dev, part-time procrastination expert.

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