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Thread: Game art and animation students....

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    Default Game art and animation students....

    so after being forced to take 3 months off the course due to SLIGHT technical problems (my laptop broke in half) i finally have my new pc up and running and its safe to say i am a little bit rusty haha

    looks like some of the work people have been doing since I've been gone has been insane though, im just starting to crack on with the portfolio pieces and concept art assignments so hopefully i'll be back up to speed soon...

    hows everyone getting on?

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    I had a bit of computer trouble (as well as other stuff) which lead to me taking an extended break - this was just after switching to version 3 which was actually good timing, because I am very rusty now, so it's a good chance to get back on track. Going slow so far but I'm fixing to speed things up!
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