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    I have been on the course since last year and am still on the introduction. I have worked up till the red baron project and began it. Then I became lost so I went through it all from the beginning again and still could not get the hang of it after contacting the tutor team they told me to use the examples on the disc to help me along but I ended up starting to copy it. So now I am at a loose end should I continue the same way cause I want to progress with the course. I am worried that if I keep using the examples on the disc that I may not learn anything and have problems when taking a TMA. Any input would be gratefully received thanks because at the moment I trying my hardest but getting no where.

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    Hey there.
    I personally wouldn't worry about that.
    I found it easier to learn about and act upon it by studying and restudying what is wrote. I tried to go along with the disc etc but I found it far easier to learn by just reading it over a couple of times before moving on. It stuck with me more.
    The assessment is basically multiple choice questions anyway so you won't be asked to recreate any games or coding etc.
    Hope this helps a little.

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