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Thread: Based in Leeds looking to collaborate

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    Talking Based in Leeds looking to collaborate

    Hey Everyone,
    Only started the app development course on the 2nd March and already waiting to be able to submit section 1 part B, TMA 2 (tma lesson 10), with 8 definite game concepts, 1 completed game design and 2 almost complete, aswell as 5 additional game concepts.
    Had business start-up experience.
    I am looking to get in touch with anyone in or around Leeds that would be willing to get together with the idea of starting a new mobile games studio.
    I have a dedicated space available and I am a professional music producer and I am more than eager to get things up and running so would love anyone to get in touch regardless of where you are on any course that could be relevant.
    Anyone in the area interested in meeting up, let me know by emailing [admin edit - PM Scott]
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    Hi Scott

    I removed your email to protect your mail box from spammers :-)

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