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Thread: Coursera MOOCs, great for teaching concepts.

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    Default Coursera MOOCs, great for teaching concepts.

    Has anyone tried the free courses on Coursera.
    I'm just 2 weeks away from finishing programming for everyone (Python), I've found it really good for teaching concepts like file handles, hash tables and data parsing. Link is

    I'm also considering the 5 week scratch course, not because I am desperate to learn scratch although it will be useful at the school where I work. However the course does teach algorithms, reuse of code, remixing of code and the software development process. Try this link for further information,

    I hope other students find this useful.
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    Hi All

    I don't know the specific course. However, I note they are in California - FYI they have different rules there.

    Just make sure that what ever you study fits into your T2G course - City & Guilds are the examination people that count, not a service from California.

    By all means extend yourself and your studies, just make sure it is valid.

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