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    Question Portfolio Project 1

    Hi guys,

    Finally I was able to start my portfolio projects... I've got few questions and I hope that someone will be able to answer.

    First portfolio project is based on looking for bugs in games prepared by T2G. I've got regression bugs, some of them seem to be fixed. I guess I should sign that bug was verified fixed (or just fixed?), but should I put this as category of a bug or somewhere else?

    Second question is about choosing games to portfolio project 2, where I have to look for issues and possible improvements. Is it good idea to pick the games that I actually wanted to play (mostly they're mainstream games like Crysis) and check them by myself, or is it better to pick something less known?


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    Hey there,
    I handed these projects in around 3 weeks ago and so i'm not sure if my advice is sound yet (waiting results)
    But when i asked the tutor team a different question about the project he let slip that even though the brief for the project says there may be 1 of each type of bug in the game. Its more like "there IS 1 of each type" so this took me back to the project to hunt the bugs a little more.
    In doing so i'm fairly sure that all of the REG type bugs have issues related to the original problem even if it seems like they have been fixed or that a bug is only slightly related. (again i could be wrong as mine isn't marked yet, but i did find them)

    As for the second project i found it easier to find 5 games from the categories given that i have not played and play the crap out of them making notes as i went. Then researching and gathering game evidence (screenshots, videos or just game reviews others have made, or better examples of other games)

    Hope this helped
    PM me if ya need any help, just bear in mind im not too much further than yourself.

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