Hi all, this is actually my first ever post (bad that i started 7 months ago) so nice to meet you all.
I have a question about section 3 QA portfolio project 3: Test plan.
I understand the project for the most part and thanks to previous threads here and examples online i think i have a good grasp of what i am doing (in my head at least). But in the project brief it stats:

"The publisher of this title has demanded a triple-A game to be delivered in no more than twelve months. Development is estimated to be eight months in duration."

This seems like important information to me that needs to be in a test plan (probably under 'test plan objectives' or 'deadlines').
It is also clear/obvious that a lead tester would assign tasks to the testers to meet this deadline. And this is where my question falls.

In order to do this effectively and also to monitor the progress of the testing accurately the lead tester would estimate a completion time for each assigned test/section (easy for an experienced lead tester), but for a lowly NOOB like myself how can i figure out these test completion estimates? Especially without the game in front of me.
All we know is that there is 6 tracks, but not how large/long each track is.
And surely it stands to reason that a lead tester would set these times based on the skill levels of each of his team. (Again for an experienced lead tester to know the team he works in).

Any help would be amazing