I am looking for at least one designer/writer to help me develop an original campaign for a very popular indie CRPG for a major portfolio piece.

Role: Designer/writer(s)

Project Name: Shadowrun Returns – Judas In The Smoke

Current team members: Myself

Genre: Turn-based tactical RPG - Cyberpunk/Fantasy

Project Information: Judas In The Smoke will be an original campaign for Harebrained Schemes' RPG Shadowrun Returns, set in London of the 2050s.

Judas In The Smoke will be a campaign set in London of the Shadowrun universe ('The Smoke'), created using the Shadowrun Returns Editor.

'Sam' arrives in London, after escaping from the free city-state of Seattle. On his arrival Sam is forced kill British citizens, invoking the wrath of the British police state. Faced with a 'whole life' sentence in a British prison, Sam is offered a way out by an MI6 agent: infiltrate a group of anarcho-terrorists, and Sam will be allowed to leave the UK – if he isn't killed by triads, druids, terrorists, or the SAS first.

Job Description: As designers, initially we will be adapting the UK setting from Shadowrun 4th Edition to Shadowrun Returns, creating the character, setting and the storyline of Judas In The Smoke.

We will also recruit and work with artists to create the visual and audio assets of the game.

As designers, we will create the missions, levels and locations, using the Shadowrun Returns editor, and write the dialogue and backstory.

Familiarity with the Shadowrun Returns games will be necessary.

Prior experience of game design is not necessary either - I'm new to game design too - and neither is knowledge of Shadowrun Return's editor: I'll be learning how to use it along with you.

Knowledge of the P&P Shadowrun game, P&P RPG design, or of turn-based CRPGs would be welcome.

Estimated Project Length: Six months plus. Between the course, work and other game projects, I'll be dedicating 2-6 hours a week to this project initially.

How to apply: Please send me a PM via the forum. Please include some details about yourself. If you have previous work you can share – including fiction writing (prose, film, theatre etc), or CRPG or P&P RPG design (including homebrew adventures/campaigns) – please include links to it in your message.

Additional information: Shadowrun's UK setting is distinct from those of Seattle in Dead Man's Switch and Dragonfall's Berlin, e.g. cybernetics, guns and cyberdecks are not obtainable in stores, and there is only limited availability on the black market. This will mean missions and gameplay will have a different style to those of Dead Man's Switch and Dragonfall, and missions will be more challenging (both for the designer and the player).

This role would suit someone interested in designing CRPGs or narrative-heavy games.

Thanks for reading and considering this position.

- Richard