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Thread: Want to meet new people for collaboration and course help

  1. Default Want to meet new people for collaboration and course help

    Hey guys been doing the developer course for a little while now and its been ok on my own but now that's its starting to get harder I am starting to struggle on my own. Would love anyone who wants to chat to let me know so we could help each other out. I always find I learn faster and better around others so would appreciate any help

    Need study buddies hahaha

    I have just started section 2

    If anyone would like to chat just add me on skype : AllStarLewis (Lewis.Somerville) or FB : Lewis AllStar Somerville
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    Hi Mate

    I was on section 2 and switched the version 3 is so much more better than the previous version its worth it trust me
    James (Winf1983)
    Computer Game Developer Course
    Currently on Version 3 P3

    Add me on the following

    PSN - djamesuk
    Skype - Winf1983
    Linkedin -

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    Hi There,

    You can count me in also started app production development course on 2nd of Jan 2015 completed introduction phone deployment. I have a long way to go to fully understand the concepts and coding in the fact the entire course.

    So yes am in.

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    Anybody doing the course app production development I just started the course 2 months ago any study partners ?


    skpe name: nana.appiah28

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    Hey thanks for the interest. With you doing the app course am not sure if it would be the same as mine but add me on skype if you want to chat username : AllStarLewis (Lewis Somerville)

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    Hi there Lewis buddy, I had the same feeling than you, started needing to chat to some others now, hence that i joined the chat today for the first time even though i have been for a year on the course... I am also doing game developer and I am on lesson 14 atm, it would be great to have someone to talk to that is doing the same than me so if you are ok with it let me know and i will add you on facebook bud!

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