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Thread: Credit's to non oryginal code in portfolio

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    Default Credit's to non oryginal code in portfolio

    Hello there ! can anyone give me some tips on how to credit somebody's code in my portfolio Should I explain how it works ? link to page with code ? or anything like that ? or just credit it in project documentation and only document how my code works and how my code is using it ? thanks
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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    I'd say that's probably a better question for your tutor, they mark it, so they know exactly what's expected. Usually though I just add them into my appendices and reference them within the document as they become relevant; however, I have a feeling you're referring to using 'TinyXML', which is a bit more than a single link to general information or a couple of lines of code, you should definitely link any tutorials/wiki's that you've used to work out how to utilise it, I reckon a brief explanation about why you selected it (advantages/disadvantages?), maybe a general overview of how it works internally.

    Hope that helps a bit

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    Heh yeah I'm referring to TinyXml as it's the only non original code in my project huh it seams like I'm gonna have more work documenting it than implementing. I will email tutors and I will post the answer here. Huh finally at the end of my 2nd portfolio project I've shared some of my progress on facebook check it out if you want, I still need to do 1st project, the biggest problem in my case is language barrier I have no problem with coding and implementing stuff but I will have problem with writing documentation. I think I will go to local high school fore some English lessons. anyway thank's for your answer !!
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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    Ok so here is what tutors told me I've also ask if I have to document how the API for my sprite blitting work or just my code

    If it's an external library that you have made use of, put in a "third party libraries" section in your documentation and list the library along with a link to the main website and the name of the company which produces the library.

    If you have used any code unedited from an example or tutorial, you'll need to reference where you got that from as well.

    Regarding Sprite Blitting: Provide a brief overview of how the API you are using works the majority of the documentation should be with regards to your code and how the API is used.
    This course is a pain in the as??????? No one said it gonna be a peace of cake

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